You know, I’ve found myself in a strange state of mind over the past few days. I was using this blog as an outlet for my meager creative urges, when I realized that it was still lacking something. In my years writing for gaming sites, I always had that most effective of measuring sticks, the audience.

The readers will always tell you how they feel, and often, they will feel like you’re an idiot. In some cases, they may even be right. I never realized how much I would miss that until it was gone. It’s ironic. I find myself somehow wishing for a reader to comment on my blog calling me some sort of fanboy, or a whore for some company or another.

With that thought fresh in my head, I felt another thought bubbling up from the muck-ridden swamp that passes for my mind. What if I was writing for a gaming site? Why couldn’t I? I mean, why start one of my own? Everybody’s doing it, right? I could even resurrect my old podcast, assuming I could find someone to talk to.

Well, I don’t know where to go with this thought. I feel that I could definitely make some small contribution along those lines, but I don’t know who would join in, what they would be willing to do, or even how I would pay for it all. I just know that I’ve got that old itch to make my thoughts available to the general public.

If it actually matures into anything concrete, I’ll let you know.

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