About Ron:

Ron is a long-time gamer, having grown up in the early era of video games. He owned an Atari 2600 at launch, played a number of MUDs and other PC games, and is currently investing a lifetime of gaming knowledge into the pages of GameFront.com, where he serves as the Senior Editor.

About the site:

Analog Gamers began as a pet project of two gamers of moderately advanced age: Ron Whitaker and Shawn Sines. After the disastrous events surrounding FileFront and its near closure at the hands of Ziff Davis, Ron and Shawn decided to continue writing about games here. However, just as they got going, Ron was returned to managing and creating editorial content for FileFront (now known as GameFront), which made it nearly impossible for him to write here.

Analog Gamers remains as a place for Ron to spout off about things that he can’t talk about on GameFront, like his Minecraft Server, his various guilds and gaming organizations, tabletop games, and various other things.

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