Wow, it’s been a while since I had a chance to write anything here. Analog Gamers has basically turned into my personal blog, since the majority of my gaming-related words end up over at GameFront these days. Not that I have a ton of writing time there either, but I occasionally slip a piece into the mix.

Anyway, with this site becoming my personal blog, that means you’ll not only be subjected to random nonsense about tabletop and video games, you’ll also get everything else that happens to pop into my head. Let me apologize for that in advance.

I’ll also apologize for the chaotic update frequency. I’m currently in the middle of trying to prep my current house for sale, purchase another house, and manage to move myself and the family. Plus there’s work, Elks business, and anything that pops up along the way. Suffice to say that I sometimes don’t get a chance to update this for a while. I swear, I’ll try to do better once the move happens.

So you’ve been warned. Don’t act surprised later when you’ve seen two or three rambling rants separated by days. I told you it would happen.

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